Late Shree V. M. Ghatge
Over the centuries,
has evolved from a bastion that fiercely protected the spirit of freedom
to a vibrant city, which straddles the major inland linkage between
the key Business and Industrial Regions of Western and Southern India.
Today, Kolhapur is a modern industrial and business hub, reflective of an emerging India.
A city that speaks of the indomitable spirit of the Maratha Warrior and his determination to win.

A Sage amongst the Kings
Rajarshi Chh Shahu Maharaj
laid the foundation of the Industrial and Commercial growth of Kolhapur
Business ventures of Ghatge Group started in the decade of 1940
and have flourished over these years to form one of the
most successful Business Houses of India.

The main thrust of the group has always been on
Service to the Customers, Service to the Society and Service to the Nation